You can empower an entrepreneur, make local businesses grow and fight poverty.

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Become a friend of the Foundation for only 25 euro.

For only 50 euro you can give a local entrepreneur access to a full day of business skill training. For 200 euro you can give an entrepreneur access to the entire Lendahand SME Academy.

Every euro is welcome to support us on our mission to give every SME in emerging markets access to knowledge and skills to grow their business.

The Lendahand Foundation has the ANBI status. This means that your gift is fully or partially deductible from your taxable income.

Our local entrepreneurs and the Lendahand Foundation are thankful for your support!

"Previously I followed different training sessions, yet, this course really puts all the ins and outs of running a business together. Especially the marketing & sales training was very convenient for me. I now better envision what the persona of the ideal customer looks like and how to target it."

Ann Margaretparticipant Lendahand Academy Philippines