Ann Margaret

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Ann Margaret is the CEO of Eslan EDUFORUM, a business that takes care of education materials for schools in Mandaluyong City and surrounding areas. The vision of the organisation is to make quality education possible and accessible to Filipino children – both in cities as in more rural areas. The company does include the use of multimedia such as Kids Brown tablets. With this, children can participate in interactive learning materials.

Not only Ann Margaret wants to help many children with the teaching materials, additionally, the welfare of her employees is very important to her. Next to her and her husband, four people are working at EDUFORUM and they all receive wage, costless meals and a bonus when it goes well with the company.

Ann Margaret has currently received two loans for EDUFORUM from Lendahand via Lendahand’s local partner NPFC and now it goes well with the business. When we ask her why she has joined the Academy, she explains:

”The Academy is for me important to gain knowledge for a follow-up strategy for EDUFORUM.”

After participating in the Academy, we asked Ann Margaret about her experience: “Previously I followed different training sessions from NPFC and the Lendahand Foundation, yet, this course really puts all the ins and outs of running a business at a glance. Especially the marketing & sales training, the second day, was very convenient for me. I now better envision what the persona of the ideal customer looks like and how to target it.”

Finally, Ann Margaret noticed that she would like to follow another training in the future: “Particularly in the areas of financial literacy, I would like to follow more trainings as making an inventory plan!”

The Lendahand Foundation hopes that, if needed, EDUFORUM, joins the next training session(s)!