T. TSOOJ – Vision Fund- Mongolia – Hair salon

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T. Tsooj operates a hair salon and hair products store in Darkhan city, the second largest city in Mongolia. She already operated a hair salon but was not able to access a loan through traditional banks. It was through Lendahand’s local partner Vision Fund that she managed to get access to finance to grow her business.

Once her business started going well, she started taking bigger and bigger size loans, until she was able to take an individual loan for 5 million Tugrik (approximately € 2000). The was invited by Vision Fund to take part in the Lendahand SME Academy.

“It is my first-time taking part in such a training, and thanks to it I have got inspired and encouraged to grow and expand my business. I came up with many ideas to improve the marketing for my business such as opening wholesale points and renewing the outside sign