Lendahand Foundation supports community artisans in the Philippines

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The partnership between R2R and LAHF continues to create positive impact for artisans and entrepreneurs in Asia.

With the funding received by the Lendahand Foundation, Rags2Riches was able to organize a series of artisan trainings, a community engagement plenary session and set up a plan to further improve the program.

Five training sessions were organized throughout 2017 to train 200 community artisans per training under 3 main areas. The trainings covered (1) Business Values Formation, (2) Evaluation of business areas, and (3) Business Improvement clinics. During the business improvement clinic for example, artisans were introduced to new materials or production techniques to improve their products.

Community artisans were able to work together on creating new products with the support of business developers to apply the newly acquired formation.

After the last training session was organized in November 2017, Rags2Riches held a general assembly of social entrepreneurs. In this session, where more than 30 communities and entrepreneurs took part, new courses were introduced, and the content and curriculum of the next year were discussed in group, based on the evaluations received from the participants.

Rags2Riches has the mission of training 5000 artisans in the next 5 years, to help them lift themselves and their families out of poverty. In order to increase the reach and accessibility of its programs, Rags2Riches is translating the modules into digital content, that can be easily accessible by entrepreneurs in urban areas.